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CIMA Members in Practice
Identify, understand and attract your Perfect Clients

Operation Premium Fee Generation

The 4-week group coaching programme to fulfil your potential, by helping your clients fulfil theirs

Why take part?

Map your journey

Goal setting: Start with the end in mindWhat does your dream lifestyle look like?Cost it out.
What does your business need to look like to deliver it for you?
Your journey starts by plotting where you are today and your destination.

Clarity: Understand your strengths

See yourself as others see youFocus on your character, values and the expertise you've developed.
You'll start to understand how clients experience working with you.
and the problems you're best equipped to help them solve.

Identify: Your Perfect Client

Uncover their DNAIdentify your perfect clients immediately.Understand their world and where to find them.
Screen out the bad fits and undeserving prospects, to concentrate on your perfect clients.
Understand the issues and language you need to focus on, to laser in on your highest fee payers.

Position yourself as the logical, incomparable choice

Focus on perfect clients' needsYou'll learn how to differentiate yourself, in the eyes of your perfect clients. Transform your appeal from lukewarm to red-hot.

Connect emotionally, demonstrate you understand

Build an emotional attachmentCommunicate how your best clients feel when facing their challenges. Speak their words and understand their thoughts to win their trust.

The anti-sales meeting structure

Never feel salesy againLearn the mindset to get prospects walking toward you. Follow a simple, proven, step-by-step approach.

What you get

Four, one-hour, weekly group sessions, delivered over Zoom.To encourage participation and build relationships there's a limit of 6 CIMA members per group.
On top of the weekly sessions the programme starts with a 25-minute, one-to-one goal setting session with Patrick. And ends with a a 45-minute, one-to-one action planning session with Patrick.

  • Pre-programme, 25 minute, 1-to-1 goal setting session with Patrick

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    Worksheets to complete to record your progress

  • Your personal email helpline, your questions answered 

  • Learn from like minded group members

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    Regular homework to re-enforce what you learn

  • Post-programme, 45 minute, 1-2-1 action planning session with Patrick


Is it right for you?

The programme is open only to CIMA members.

Does this sound like you?

Hard work

You'll need to do your homework. There's a lot of heavy thinking.
Prepare to work through your frustration.  


You'll need to dedicate 2 hours a week over 4-weeks.
Support & encourage your group members.

Open Minded

You'll question the fundamentals of your work and change the lens from which you view it. Be prepared to question your assumptions.

Case Study

Assuming full satisfaction, I'll need you to give me a balanced testimonial. And perhaps talk to other CIMA members about your experience


Your 100% Guarantee

If, after attending the Map your Journey meeting and session one, you're in any way unhappy, just email me to get your full 100% money back, no questions asked.

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Premium Fee Generation Coaching Programme

Your investment is just £250

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