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How to stop having to compete on fees….. Forever!

If you can't differentiate your service, your clients will, by price

The lowest fee usually wins

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FREE:New Client Generation Coaching

When you stop focusing on winning the business and put the client's interest above your own, something wonderful happens.
The dynamics shift and clients start walking towards you.
Start your journey by joining the programme. It will transform your approach, income and your client relationships.

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To work with better quality clients, you must differentiate your firm

From your prospective clients’ point of view, YOU ALL LOOK ALIKE.
That’s why you attract a mixed bag of clients. That’s why you are forced to compete on fees.
These problems can be solved, but they won't solve themselves. Here’s the truth: You can prosper to the extent you become the only logical choice for the clients you can help best.
Unfortunately, most accountants will never work out how to do this.
Instead, they will continue fighting for scraps, competing on fees and working with poor quality clients. And they’ll spend their days chasing after “more” of these clients.
The clients that drain your energy and leave you working harder for less. Even worse, your enthusiasm plummets as drudgery sets in.

You Can Transform These “Problems” Into Your Biggest Opportunity

The future you deserve isn’t built on more clients, but better clients.
What if you can stand above the crowd? Not to everybody, just in the eyes of your perfect clients.You become a beacon, shining brightly to those you can best serve. Those that truly value the outcomes you can help them achieve.
Suddenly the competition melts away. No more beauty parades, no more competing on fees.
That’s precisely how the “Perfect Client” Attraction system, transforms your practice. The days of being lukewarm to many end, as you become the only choice to the select few.

Brutal Truth
'Choosing your clients intelligently will do more for the success of your practice than how well you perform your service.'

Jason Leister

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