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Proof of Gain: How emotional clientstories convince 

Advoco Accountants wanted to attract more clients from the construction and related trade sectors.
Their client, Ed, explains the major challenge he faced, getting off the tools, and how it made him feel.
Ed talks through how the firm helped him solve the problem and the difference it has made to the business and his life.

Scroll down to read how you can get Proof Of Gain working for your accountancy / professional service firm.

How Proof of Gain works

Proof Of Gain takes the spotlight off your firm, literally in video interviews, to build an unbeatable level of trust.
How? • Because videos show real people without a vested interest.
• Their voices and body language express contagious, enthusiastic emotion. 
• They strip away uncertainty, proving you deliver. 
• They demonstrate the deeper difference you can make to clients’ lives and businesses.

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Proof of Gain in action

See how insurance broker Butler Evans used Proof of Gain client interviews on their home page.
Their clients demonstrated their difference to their perfect prospects.

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How Proof of Gain can help you

Become the only and obvious choice. Who else will they find that proves the claims made?
Charge higher fees. We’re all happy to pay a premium when doubt and uncertainty are reduced.
Improve the quality and conversion rate of new business inquires. Initial conversations are warmer and smoother. Prospects approach you with a level of trust that usually only comes from referrals.
Shorten the time from initial conversation, to instructing you to act.  All that doubt and reassurance potential clients look for in your conversations disappears, you’ve already shown proof of your work.

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