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01509 801 444

Our Purpose

STOPWasting Potential

We are determined to stop hard-working, talented people go unappreciated and undervalued. 

Chartered Management Accountants competing on price for Self Assessment Returns.
Corporate Tax specialists get by with sole trader client bases.
Frustrated, experienced advisers churning contractors' year-end accounts.

The cost

Too many specialists are working outside of their expertise, with clients they can't relate to.
Those whose businesses and lives they could transform, struggle without the connection and value they would bring.  
The cost is beyond financial.
It reaches into your self-worth and the energy you bring home to your family and loved ones.

The connection 

The most rewarding clients (financially and emotionally) aren't looking for a service provider, but a partner. 
They want someone who gets them; someone who connects with their character and values, the relationship is crucial.
But it must be backed up with the expertise and experience of specialists in solving the specific problems holding them back. 

‘What I the client am looking for is that rare professional who has both the technical skill and a sincere desire to be helpful, to work with both me and my problem.'

David Maister

The cause

A failure to understand and communicate:
Your worth - beyond the services you provide, to the problems you can help solve.Your essence - the character, style and values, that make you irreplaceable to your best clients. 

We believe marketing is broken.
The rush to tactics, social media and branding stops specialists from digging deeper to understand themselves and their perfect clients.
We are committed to helping courageous leaders:
Explore and understand their difference, through the eyes of those they help best.
Communicate meaningfully, through emotion, to remove all competition and become the only logical choice to their perfect clients.
Live to their potential, by helping the clients fulfill theirs.   

Patrick McLoughlin & Andrea Moulding