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Websites built around your perfect clients - Not You!

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websites for accountants


Why are accountants websites so bad?

Because website designers create them for accountants, not your perfect clients.  (They'd rather flog you a brand workshop)

It would be nice if you and your colleagues love your website. But that's not really its purpose.
Your opinion, whilst interesting, is irrelevant.
You're not trying to attract accountants, you're trying to attract your perfect clients!
So how can anyone create your website until they understand your perfect clients, inside out?
But that takes time and hard work.
Work to understand you and your values.Understand the people that 'get you' and those that don't.
Understand their struggles, the problems you help them solve, and their secret language.

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Websites for accountants

7 Goals Accountants & Freedom Fighters for small business owners

websites for accountants Tom

Tom had already built and sold a successful practice. So when he created 7 Goals it was always going to run on his terms.

Tom only works with clients that he likes and that value him

Patrick spent hours listening to Tom's vision to understand his world view and the people he wanted to help.
Eventually, they talked about the website. The end result backed up Tom's story and his beliefs:
"I had a very clear idea about what I wanted that website to look like. We ended up with something completely different."
"The feedback I've had is that it really reflects their (Tom's perfect clients') pain.  

Tom's thoughts

7 Goals Accountants and Freedom Fighters for small business owners

Reviewed by Jeffrey Shaw

Author of Lingo, 'Discover your ideal customers secret language'


Tech firm, Hubspot has graded over 1m websites.
Only 3.8% of websites have an overall score of 90% plus.
Last year we graded the websites of the 20th to the 100th largest UK accountancy firms. They achieved an average score of 68%.

* Source the 2022 Positioning in Practice research report


Websites for accountants

How do Perfect Client websites compare?

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