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Patrick McLoughlin


  • Patrick's background

    Patrick has 20 years plus of experience helping accountants attract their perfect clients.
    Patrick has been quoted in The Times and The European. As well as writing on new business development for professional services magazines and speaking at The AVN, AAT, ICPA and Payroll World conferences.
    With Andrea, he also runs the LinkedIn group: 'Marketing Professional Services', a community with 13,000 members.
    He is blessed with 16-year-old twins and cursed with a love of Derby County.

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perfect client

Andrea Moulding


  • Andrea's background

    Andrea formed Perfect Client after a career spanning exhibitions, social work and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) roles at major charities.
    She is driven to make a positive difference in the world.
    And how better to do that than by supporting advisers to fulfil their potential to help clients create fulfilling businesses, jobs and opportunities.
    Andrea published her first book, a novel: 'Throwing Salt at the Devil' in October this year.
    Her podcast on the funny side of breast cancer!: 'Get it off your chest', will be released later this year.

perfect client

Tom Warman

Head of Content

  • Tom's background

    Tom heads up our content creation services. He has years of creating strategic content and campaigns for regional and international clients - working across the usual mix of social media platforms as well as good old-fashioned print.
    Prior to this Tom’s ran his own marketing and comms consultancy. , and prior to this led the marketing at Salford-based outdoor arts charity Walk the Plank from 2015-2020.  Outside work he loves cycling, anything French, is an avid reader, a voluntary journalist on Manchester-based NowThen magazine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Beyond Profit

'Of course, we want to be successful and enjoy a good standard of living.But, there is more to it than that.
We want to enjoy our work and make a positive contribution to the world.We want to make a difference, to know that we've helped improve people's lives.
Andrea and Tom have done that working for major charities.Now we are working together to do that through Perfect Client.
If you'd like to know how please click on the link below.'

Patrick McLoughlin

insights and observations

Accountants differentiation


How differentiating YOUR accountancy firm attracts better clients 

When firms all look alike, clients differentiate by cost and the lowest fee usually wins.

Websites for accountants

Attention / Website / Communications

Why no one reads YOUR website

If you can't get a potential client's attention, you'll never get their business. 

Accountancy firm values

Differentiation / Values

Do YOUR firm's values really matter?

Is a declaration of a firm's values a passing marketing fad, or key to success?

Our commitment to improving communications

In an ever-growing more polarised world, we are delighted to agree to THE RULES OF CIVIL CONVERSATIONS.
It's all too easy to approach conversations with the belief you know best, to listen to respond, not understand.  
When you think you're the 'authority' you can focus on winning without truly understanding the other person's perspective.
That's why it helps to have rules in place for your team's internal and external conversations.


Read the pledge below and if it sounds right for you, sign up and tell your colleagues and friends:
1) Try and reach a shared understanding rather than ‘win the argument’.
2) Clarify with others to make sure I genuinely understand their perspective.
3) Endeavor to avoid committing logical fallacies in support of my claims.
4) Attempt to account for my own biases and try to be intellectually humble.

5) Try to be reasonable, rational, and create coherent arguments.
6) Refrain from personal attacks, sarcasm, and mean-spiritedness.
7) Use the ‘Principle of Charity’ to see the merits of others’ points of view in the best light.
8) Remain genuinely receptive to changing my mind if presented with compelling arguments or evidence.