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insights and observations

Accountants differentiation


How differentiating YOUR accountancy firm attracts better clients 

When firms all look alike, clients differentiate by cost and the lowest fee usually wins.

Websites for accountants

Attention / Website / Communications

Why no one reads YOUR website

If you can't get a potential client's attention, you'll never get their business. 

Accountancy firm values

Differentiation / Values

Do YOUR firm's values really matter?

Is a declaration of a firm's values a passing marketing fad, or key to success?

Accountancy firm values

New Business / Values

Why you must say No to proposals

The subtle and subconscious ways proposals damage you and your client relationships.

Short, easy-to-watch videos to help Attract your perfect clients

our favourite TED talks

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Elizabeth Gilbert • TED2009

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Shawn Achor • TEDxBloomington

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